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Short Hairstyles For Women Over With Curly Hair Sexy Short Haircuts

This magnificent cute hairstyle will make everyone trendy for winter 2017.
Hair Tip:Which Dye Should I Use?
Oh my. how to describe this.
I am an asian girl who had beautiful healthy hair people would chase after for hair shows. So i got sick of it, bleached it three times until platinum blond. I love it so much, and there was minimal damage, that i re-did my roots at a salon. Bad idea. The guy bleached my root and by doing so touched the part that was bleached THREE TIMES, making it fall off!. I told him to take off the bleach, so now i have 2 inches (the top part of my hair) that is a dull butter colour, and then the part where it bleached 4 TIMES accidentally (which is the rest of my over 20 inch hair)is WHITE and sadly.. 1/4 of my hair fell out. Having healthy hair and then uddenly hair falling out..i freaked out.
It has been 2 months since then, i used crazy expensive conditionner and did many natural hair masks and now it is as ok as it will be. Strangely, the part that was bleached ONCE seems to be less healthy and shiny than the part that was bleach 3 times…HERE is the PROBLEM. I used purple shampoo and toner, but the yellow on the part of my hair that was bleached once (about two inches) remains yellow…i can’t even let my hair loose becaue i am embarassed about the obvious two-tonenedness. I want to re-bleach my root and dye over it with a ash grey because i can’t dye it any lighter (or can i?) and i think a silver/ash-grey will be able to hide the butter color..(i could technically get the top part of my head to the same hade as the bottom part but i dont want to be bald..lol) but i am afraid that the part that was bleached 4 time will fall off (even if its been two months and that its now quite okay).

i like that strange ash/grey color and i will eventually have to dye my hair darker and darker in the next two-three years..

Should i wait some more? And which hair dye should i use? (except my root my hair is really really light, so i think just plain dyeing over my blonde will work quite well)

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