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Step By Step Blonding at Home

Lets take it step by step. I’ll try to explain the basics of what you should or shouldn’t expect (remember I’m not a qualified colour technician), as well as what to watch out for. I must stress here that a SENSITVITY TEST should be have been done, especially if you …

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Home Hair Highlights, Step by Step

Home Hair Highlights, Step by Step Categories: Hair Tips and Tricks A Long-tailed comb Butterfly clips Cottonwool balls Towels A timer Wear an old T-shirt in case of spills. Your chosen Home Highlighting Kit Comb and part your hair as you would normally wear it. This is the area where …

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Fighting the Frizz

Some of the advice here might surprise you!Q : I am at the end of my tether!I have VERY fine hair, just past shoulder length, which is dyed blonde approx. every 6 weeks (I am dark blonde but prefer it a bit lighter). My hair is naturally wavy which looks …

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Oops ! Overdone the Bleach?

Here’s a few tipsIf you’ve been a bit over-zealous with the bleach, there are a few steps you can take to limit the damage. Depending on the severity, your hair may or may not completely recover. This will take a bit of time so try to be patient. Try to …

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