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Best Anna Nicole Smith hairstyles.
Was Anna Nicole Murdered? Currently, Howard Stern and Anna’s former lover, Larry Birkhead are on trial to find out who is the father of Dannielynn. The media is covering the case and speculates this court battle maybe turn out to be bigger than the OJ Simpson trial. Anna’s mother is also on trial and befriended Birkhead, but did not even look Stern’s way.
Anna Nicole’s mother, Virgie Arthur wants to have the right to take Anna’s body for burial. She also believes that Stern is not the father of Dannielynn and Larry Birkhead’s attorney on trial yesterday accused Stern of murdering Anna. Well, if he did murder her, he is a lawyer and would know just how to do it. We could actually have a double murder on our hands.

Daniel Smith, Anna Nicole’s son died supposedly from prescription drugs prescribed for Howard Stern and had a history of heart problems. Anna hired a private pathologist to perform an autopsy on the boy. That in itself is very suspicious and recently, Anna has had a private nurse with her at all times until the very moment she died.
Her nurse was Anna’s bodyguard’s wife, who said that the truth will come out about her death in the toxicology tests and mentioned that this will be the “smoking gun.” Does she believe that Anna and Daniel were murdered? I wonder how she is feeling. In her first sit down interview, after Anna’s death, the nurse was very upset and showed much emotion. I believe this hard for everyone close to Anna and that Stern is trying to cover something up.

I also wanted to mention that Howard on trial did not look heartfelt and stated “Anna Nicole was my whole world, everything to me. She was my lover.” But on trial he did not look very concerned and kept swirling around back and forth in his chair. It looked like he was extremely nervous. However, when Anna’s mom went on stand she looked very sad and answered all the judge’s questions calmly.
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